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What is Ambitalk?

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What is Ambitalk?

Ambitalk - Communications for commercial vehicle fleets

Ambitalk has been designed from the ground up for you, a demanding commercial fleet operator. All you want to do is talk to your drivers to pass information critical to your business. You don't want to worry about coverage, drop outs, network failures and the suchlike. We understand that.

Ambitalk is a private, independent communications network. Independent to mobile operators, we are not just another name for the same old technology. We are something new, exciting and innovative. We own a private communications network, using our own masts, aerials and microwave links around the country. This allows you to communicate quickly and easily with your drivers without hassle or worry.

Just press a button... and talk!

Ambitalk is really simple to use. Just press the button and talk. Your audio will automatically be routed through our advanced network of radio masts, microwave links and switching hubs to arrive at the other end without any appreciable delay that is present on "DMR" or "dPMR" digital systems. Crystal clear, distortion free, superb coverage. It really is that simple.

We look after all the difficult bits so you can just communicate

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  • Multi award winning network

  • High redundancy for zero downtime

  • Constantly monitored and fully alarmed

  • Custom designed and built in house

  • Free assessment, quotation and trial

Why Ambitalk?

Ambitalk - Cheaper, better, faster

Compared to mobile phones, Ambitalk is designed for professional workers. It is not just another "executive playtoy". It can give you coverage in even the most challenging areas thanks to our unique coverage enhancement solutions.

We are the 21st century version of traditional two-way radio solutions, offering you outstanding coverage and quality, whilst we have kept all of the best bits that you love about two way radios, such as simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

No matter what your communications needs are, talk to Ambitalk to see what we can offer you.

Honesty, Commitment & Quality: The Ambitalk Promise

We have spent a lot of time, effort and money in developing Ambitalk. We want you to enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed making it. That is why we give you a promise: If something is ever not completely to your satisfaction, let us know and we will try as hard as we can to put it right. Because we developed the entire infrastructure ourselves from scratch, we can change things that no other provider can.

That is why Ambitalk is the name to trust.

Request a free assessment by calling our helpful team today – 0116  29 89 444.


All features can be customised or disabled, depending on individual user requirements.

  • Group Calls. Talk to your entire fleet across a region simply at the touch of a button. Accident on the motorway? Road closed? Simply press a button and talk to everyone, instantly.
  • Private Calls. Dial the short 2 or 3 digit number of the vehicle you want to call and press the button to be instantly connected privately to just that one vehicle. If the driver is temporarily away from the vehicle then upon their return they will be alerted that a call has been missed.
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle Calls. Any vehicle can call any other vehicle and talk as much as they want, whenever they want. Passing directions and organising work all made simple, with no usage limit. The base can even interrupt a call in progress, so driver to driver conversations do not hold up a busy office.
  • Call stacking. If the base unit is busy, multiple incoming calls can be stacked and will automatically be connected in turn. This makes it more efficient for your drivers to get through and saves frustration with trying to call a busy office.
  • Missed call queuing. If the base cannot answer a call, for example due to being on the telephone or away from the desk, then multiple unanswered calls will be recorded, allowing the vehicles to be quickly and easily called back when convenient.
  • Handheld units. Ambitalk can offer you complete handheld coverage of your office/location. We also have our own "in-car repeater" technology that can be used to give coverage within a range of approximately 100-500 metres from your vehicle.
  • Vehicle tracking. We have a very cost effective simple tracking package available that will give you immediate location information as well as location history logging and reporting.
  • Tailored coverage. Do you have a tricky place to cover, such as a quarry? Using our "cell extender" technology we can guarantee blanket coverage of any such location, so you no longer need to worry about losing contact when you need it most.

  • Our Vision

    Imagine a world where all businesses have access to a cheap and effective communications solution. Not just one that is simply "adequate", but one that works flawlessly, seamlessly, effectively.

    This is our vision, and this is what we aim to deliver. A communications solution that allows UK based businesses to communicate with all their vehicles as easily as possible. Delivering a true "commercial" grade of service, without drop-outs, brown-outs or overloading.

    Our spectrum is exclusively allocated to us on a national basis in frequency blocks that have been licensed by Ofcom. This allows us to plan our own spectrum allocations, quickly respond to customer demands and offer facilities and features that are not normally available to smaller communications networks.

    With our own in-house development team we are constantly refining and improving the network. It is not a "stagnant" product, and existing customers always benefit where possible from the improvements without expensive upgrades or contract changes.

    Ambitalk is 100% owned by Maxxwave Ltd, a communications provider based in Leicestershire, covering the UK. It is owned free from loans, liens or debentures, and is operated as a profitable entity that we believe will be around for the foreseeable future.

    Ambitalk has not had a single service-affecting fault since the upgrade to the current generation of infrastructure in June 2013. We have not been affected by floods, riots, blackouts, brownouts, BT network failures or anything else which have affected other systems. This is something we are very proud of.